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[PLAYER] Wingsuit Mod or Base Jump Mod

  • Hi, i have this mod idea for some time. Like in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas there was a mod that was a Winguit og Base Jump Mod so like if someone could make a mod like that would be really nice. In the bottom of this post is there some links to some videos of the San Andreas mod. I know a mod like the Just Cause mod has a wingsuit in it but the controls is not that nice and also the suit dosen't look that realistic.

    Here are some things that would be nice:

    • A wingsuit and customization for it.
    • A more realistic parachute + animations and customization for it (like the backpack and the canopy itself).
    • Possibly flips. Like front, back or even side flips.
    • Make smoke at the end of the player like it is in the game right now but just toggleable (so you can do it even when your falling)
    • And whatever you think would fit in.

    Here are some links to the San Andreas mod:

    Sorry if my English is wrong i don't speak English normally.
    Hope you take my request and good luck! :smile:

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