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Remove helicopter blades audio?

  • Is there a way to remove the helicopter blades sound effects for a dlc helicopter? I've tried editing vehicles.meta and set the audioNameHash to NULL but the sound is still playing. Anything I should edit there but I'm missing?

  • I am also in search of an answer to this. If anyone knows that would be very helpful, Thanks :)

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    @Kiddabob I am looking into this question right now but so far I don't like the response. Any messing around with audio files has a big chance of not working.

    I wanted to increase engine noise, but after learning the audio is highly compressed that leaves no room for volume increase. So the other way is to make everything more quiet, but involves alot of audio editing. I think vehicle crashes are too loud, everything else is good til I hit something and my stereo goes crazy loud.

    If I do find the helicopter audio, I'll try to decrease it as well. Where in the game is helicopter blades too loud?

  • @InfiniteQuestion I am adding a custom vehicle into the game as a mod-DLC and it uses a helicopter as its vehicle type, but it uses thrust like a hydra so it needs to fly like that but without the sound.

  • @vraciu @Kiddabob
    Rockstar utilise the same audio files for as many things as they can (& then shit all over your hard drive with duplicate files anyway?! :thinking:) so you may not be able to remove the sounds just for one helicopter without muting some others too.
    With that in mind, have a look here:


    There are four files in there with helicopter blade audio in them:

    • cargobob.awc
    • generic.awc
    • hunter.awc
    • military.awc

    @Kiddabob If you could assign the cargobob (or hunter, but figure most would want to keep that) audio to your dlc helicopter & are happy to ditch the cargobob from the game/have it be silent too, you might be able to do what you want.
    Note: As mentioned, just because it says 'cargobob', doesn't mean it's not used anywhere else. You'll have to check that after you edit the volume etc :thumbsup:

    There will be other dlc helicopter blade sounds hidden in dlc's somewhere too most likely (I'm sure I clocked one a few weeks back, but can't find it now).
    Your best bet is to search for '.awc' files with dlc helicopter names & see if any show up. :thumbsup:

    'Ctrl+F3' in OpenIV gives you access to a full search box where you can select 'Files & folders' or 'Audio tracks' (useful for searching inside '.awc' files) in a drop-down menu. You'll still have to guess at names of stuff, especially audio file names within '.awc' files, but it should be of some use.

  • It no longer matters as I have figured out how to use the Deluxo's flight for my vehicle and that works very well and there are no sounds to deal with. That begin said if anyone else needs this information feel free to use this post as the discussion about it :)

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