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Permanent Truck-Trailer in Game, please i need Help

  • hello, can anyone help me, how can you permanently add one or more trailer to the game.
    Not new ones, but those who also use the game. But always the same trailer in the same place?
    It is important that it should work without map editor or extra loading. Is that even possible? If yes how and if no, what is the easiest way? :-)
    I am currently using the ingenious Busdriver-Mod from IamNotMental and am expanding it to a bus, truck, land tour and VIP-driveservice with the tour editor.
    If someone had tips or information for me, it would be awesome.
    Lg Geo
    hallo, kann mir wer helfen und zwar, wie kann man permanent einen oder mehrere Anhänger ins Spiel einfügen.
    Keine neuen sondern die, die auch das Spiel benutzt. Aber eben immer der selbe Anhänger am gleichen Platz?
    Wichtig ist, das es ohne map editor oder extra laden gehen sollte. Ist sowas überhaupt möglich? Wenn ja wie und wenn nein, wie geht es am einfachsten? :-)
    Ich nutze zur Zeit den genialen Busdriver-Mod von IamNotMental und erweitere den zum Bus,Truck, Landtour und VIP-driveservice um, mit dem Toureditor.
    Wenn jemand Tipps oder Infos für mich hätte, wäre das genial.
    Lg Geo



  • @geooo This should help you to figure out what to do to get the trailer in the game where you want it. Just ignore the fact that I'm placing a light and ignore how many lights I put in, this was made just as a proof of concept to show how quick it would be to use CodeWalker to place a lot of one particular item for someone else in the past.

    It will help if you know which trailer you want to use and where it's file is located like I did with the light. If not, but you know where the trailer you want to use is located in the game, you can fly to it in CodeWalker. Press the double arrow thing in the upper right hand corner in CW, go to the selection tab, select the Mouse Select (right click) option, keep the mode part below that as entity. Look at the trailer, right click on the trailer, the info about the trailer will show up in the Selection tab in CW. Highlight the name and copy it so you can paste it into the project window in CW, replace the egg's name with the trailer name and it should spawn in front of you in CW. Then you position it on the map where you want it, then follow the rest of the video (except where I click on distant light and other options). You'll still need to click on the two calculate buttons before saving the ymap.

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