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Help Needed with adding a new weapon [Fire Hose ]

  • hello im looking for some help in regarding of adding a new weapon in game. Well not exactly a weapon but a fire hose. I have already made the 3d model of the nozzle but after that Im stuck I have no idea what to do next. Every tutorial I see they depend on replacing a weapon and they just align the trigger to the other gun. Well thats not my case here. Is anyone familiar with that stuff and can lend a hand?

  • So this might not be too helpful but there are a couple add-on weapon mods on this site.. not many sadly but if your looking for some code to the stuff with it could be handy to start there? I would recommend you use the minigun aim animation though since that'd probably be the closest you can get to holding the hose properly.. if your looking for help with the modelling I can't help but hey I hope this at least gave a tiny bit of insight :)

  • Where are the download of the fire hose?? Thanks.

  • @ConnorgGames how its possibile add the new weapon??

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