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moon doesnt apear at night

  • oke so i have bin strugling with this problem, everytime at night i have installed a beatyfull starfield but there is no moon but when in the morning at 5:00 am i see the moon after the night ended! i have only visualV installed any help Thanks!!!

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    Yep, same with me. I have a mod called Visible moon that makes the moon do orbits over the vinewood hills. In a few days I'll update it to make the moon always circle the horizon. Closest I have come to an orbit is the moon rises at 16:00 and sets at 03:00 everyday.

    I don't know why visual v has the settings like this, but the moon is set to orbit on a huge 47 day cycle. And even then when you do see it it's never a full moon.

    Of course the moon doesn't orbit like this, maybe he was wanting to make the moon orbit more like real life. But when I'm playing a game at night, I want to see the moon in the sky.

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