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  • GTA: Compton

    Wassup y'all, i'm a new user in this shit but I work with mods on GTA V and GTA: SA since i was a kidd.
    Now I'm working on an overhaul for GTA V, a huge DLC that changes a lot of stuff to the original game. I called this shit "GTA: Compton"
    I heavy fucks wit models, scripts and textures and messin around wit GTA V data files.
    Let's get to the point

    GTA: Compton will implement:

    • A new Storyline

    • 3 New Characters with CLOTHES AND VOICE LINES (And no, it ain't no "Voice Player Mod", but as being a music producer and rapper, I been able to record with my own voice every voice line for Trayvon, take GTA: SA voice lines for CJ, i will make my Vato homie record the voice lines for Juan and replace them inside the original GTA V audio .RPF containers.
      Trayvon. A nigga from the block, Franklin's stepbrother. He wasn't gangbangin at all before knowing Lamar. (Replaces Franlin)
      CJ. Back from Jail, now old as fck, but still a real muthaphuckka. CJ is now 51 but black don't crack. (Replaces Michael)
      Juan. A young guy. He brazy, he gone pop yo ass and make it burn like a Taco. A fckin Compton Varrio 70 from the projects. (Replaces Trevor)

    • Enhancing of realism, handling, anatomy, physics and playability, including modifications to NPC's intelligence, wanted system, health system, fuel system, and tons of other shit.

    • New graphics (ReShade by crosire will be included and used to automatically load a graphics preset that i created, that fits also low-end PC's without the loss of quality or changing of settings. Plus, I obviously changed timecycles and created textures to change the whole graphic stuff like water, skydome, rain, etc.)

    • New real life buildings. I changed the position of some vanilla buildings, removed/added some, modified them with Autodesk 3DS MAX, SketchUp and ZModeler, all according to real California buildings, studying their position and structure in real life and changing them in the game. I did the same with TONS of props and other various models such as street signs.
      A very few of the models wasn't created by me, but by Desmond98, who included them in his mod that is NOT compatible with mine, because i only took some PARTS of these following models from his mod, meaning that i changed LODs, global textures and models that could cause a lot of conflicts in-game:
      -Hollywood Sign
      -US Bank Tower Sign
      -Citi Bank Sign
      -Compton Sheriff Station Sign
      -Santa Monica Sign
      -Beverly Hills Sign
      -Venice Beach Stores
      -Removed FIB and IAA signs from California Plaza buildings.

    • Names for EVERYTHING, for real this time. And no, I didn't steal "Real names for everything" by Desmond98, but I changed almost 900 words in the game, including street names, with hours of studying Los Angeles street system to place the right names on the right street, and it's still work in progress.

    • MLO interiors (GTA V Story Mode got them interiors LACKINNN), not a lot of them kuz I ain't that good at building MLO, but I made CJ's house, Juan's and a couple stores/offices.

    • Activities like selling drugs, gangbangin and other businesses, that's outside of the game storyline, increasing the game longevity. (GTA V lacks of longevity, and people stop playing after the missions are done. That's why they keep adding stuff to GTA Online)

    • Real Vehicles with appropriate handlings and mods: I'm not good at modeling vehicles, so I used some models created by other modders, whom I will credit right below when the mod is released.

    • Real Weapons: with the help of Jridah, I added new weapon models and changed their tweaks, for example fire speed, muzzle flash, smoke and more reality shit.

    • Tons of scripts, tweaks and .meta editing in order to enhance the gameplay. A gameplay comparison video will come out soon.

    • A NEW SOUNDTRACK, including menu sounds, radio station and new Themes produced by me and ProductOfTha90s. Here's the list:

      [Loading Theme] - Produced by ProductOfTha90s
      -"Purple Skydome (Tangerine Dream's Pause Theme Remix)" [Pause Theme] - Produced by Dedric
      -"GTA: Compton Menu Drumplay" [Menu Sounds] - Produced by Dedric

    • Graffiti and hoods overhaul according to real life Los Angeles, Inglewood and Compton Gangs. Here's the map of the turfs and street names:

    alt text

    None for now

  • Hello, did you ask Desmond98 for his permission to include his models in this mod? It clearly says in the Readme of RCA, Please do not edit or reupload without my permission.

  • Also you can't upload copyrighted audio on 5mods

  • As was mentioned take care on permissions. If you get all permissions, I would be glad to let you use my mods and probably help you with any others. But keep in mind that you would need all permissions before uploading this awesome pack.

    @HeySlickThatsMe he wrote that the songs was produced by him and other guy so I think this one is cleared. I know few sounds in that song sound like copied but that's just samples which you as producent can use or buy to use if I'm right as the youtube didn't blocked this video what they will for sure do with copyrighted audio even when you have a few seconds of song in the background of your video from any public televisions for example (my personal experience)

  • @ArmaniAdnr i ain't get shit frm yu lil phonk. I asked yu if yu wanna work wit me kuz we both workin at a project thats similar. i never downloaded sum frm yu and put it in my own shii


    @DatNeegaDedric Calm down.

    As other people pointed out, yours seems to be an ambitious project that's going to use content from other people. This means that in the case that you add something from other people in your project, you will have to ask and get permission from the respective original authors.

    Also, related to music content, copyrighted music is strictly forbidden to be uploaded in 5Mods unless you have an official license permission from the producer/s and/or owners.

    I'm just clarifying that in order to prevent you from having any mistakes in the future, at least on this site.

  • @Reyser just read huh. imma producer i aint need 2 put copyrighted shit. thats gone be my own copyyright if sum of yall sneaky reuploading that muzzik on the pause menu kuz yall like it! lol and am fenna put yo youtube video downk kuz ima upload mine thats OG. im makin shit by myself i aint usin so many mods so ion neeed all um permizzionz and shit. if i need um am fenna ask for um like i did already 4 most of um huh.


    @DatNeegaDedric Ehm... if you're going to talk to me at least use the normal English language, not vulgar shit. I won't force my eyes trying to understand that garbage you wrote above.

  • Man, I can't even try to read it lol (no offense)

  • W.E imma do what i'm supposed to do thanks yall 4 the advice and fuck yo diktionary

  • @DatNeegaDedric yes and you wrote it under topic about one of my mods so I thought you want use it aswell when you wrote it there. I didn't wrote anything against you and I wrote info in your favor and you rag to me for that ? that's not how you comunicate with people who simply point something not even with people you want to work with lmao. You more crashing your project with these your comments then helping it...

  • @ArmaniAdnr yu wit it or not?

  • This would be so dope! Let me know if you do decide to go through with this! I do got some ideas if you don't mind me chiming in.

  • @Reyser wtf was that headache' inducing f*ckery?


    Only god knows I guess... :sweat_smile:

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