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Van Rear doors - How to fix?

  • Hi, I added a Van in GTA V. Started from scratch using zmodeler3. making dummies, LO,L1,L2 etc... the whole process.

    The problem is that when I added it in game and I spawn bodyguards they walk to the side of the van, and enter trough the side. the rear door opens but they don't enter trough it. to add with this, they don't sit facing each other but facing the front.

    I tried using the Brute3 settings from the vehicle.meta of the game but still not working properly.

    Can someone guide me on solving this issue pleas?
    Thanks in advance :)

  • @Fdarr Vehiclelayouts.meta is what controls the specific anims for how they enter. Did you place the door handle dummies where you want them to reach? The dummies for the seats in zmodeler must be rotated. Use top view and rotate tool set to axis only, with XY selected in scene mode. Rotate each dummy 90 degrees to face the other. If you hold control key while using rotate it will move in 15 degree intervals.

  • Thanks for the tips, However I figured out that using the same lines from vehicles meta, and using seat dummies and handle dummies from a ready model from the game also helped.

    I will also be taking a look at the vehicleslayouts.meta file :)

  • @Fdarr Having the same problem. Did you figure this out?

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