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Script Hook.net, ENT and R$ Launcher?

  • Can someone, anyone please help and let me know what can be done (or at least) or explain why this happens.

    I had installed ScripHook.net 3.0.2, Enhanced Native Trainer U42bf2 and was playing fine with GTA V on PC build 1868 for almost a month. I was attempting to install the newer ENT U42bf3 and it was no go (infinite loading screen). I tried to utilize the newest Hook.net 3.0.3 and would not load as well. So I went back to the U42bf2 and Hook.net 3.0.2. In an attempt to clearly troubleshoot and attempt to see if perhaps it was a mod or some other issue per the recs of other commenters I completely re-installed the my GTA V AS WELL AS went for broke and completely re-installed my Steam.

    Fresh install of GTA V build 1868 and Steam. MOST of the original mods I had are now re-installed. I STILL cannot use 3.0.3 and ENT U42bf3. Now however I can't even use ENT U42bf2????? I was using it for almost a month and now it won't load with the ENT files in the main directory. I don't think R$ and their bullshit Launcher has been updated(has it?). WTH???!?!?!??!! Great game but R$ and their f^#%ing Laucher/Servers/Social Club is THE most frustrating part of trying to enjoy the game that I PAID for (no crack)
    Can someone please help or explain what is going on?

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    It's not the launcher or more people would be having this problem since everyone has to use it.

  • Any ideas then what the issue may be?

    I don't think it's the gameconfig.xml file but I do have the original if need be. Also patch 22 (eng) is what I have edited if it makes a difference
    Kind of shooting in the dark.....

  • @Zeta09 Did you look through the comments on the ENT mods page to see if others were having the same or similar issues as you and if there were any posts that helped them resolve the issue?

  • I did actually (started there first). @Slash_Alex asked me to send my Script Hook log and did so but told me it may be a problem with Scrip Hook itself. Rec'd to go over to the GTA Forums but it has very little activity over there tbh so I am trying hoping to at least get some help here. Unfortunately for me it doesn't seem like a common problem x(

  • @Zeta09 Only thing I can think of would be that maybe there is a conflict with another mod. I would try a fresh install of mods, but start with just installing the essential stuff like ScripthookV, ScriptHookVDotNet, maybe go ahead and install heap adjuster, packfile limit adjuster, and just ENT. All the latest versions. See if it works for you then. If so, then start adding in other mods one at a time and test in game before adding the next one. If you add one and it causes any issues, remove it and install the next one on your list. If installing just the basics and ENT causes issues, maybe try a different trainer. I've never used ENT, just Simple Trainer by sjaak, have never noticed any issues with it. It may not have all the features you may be accustom to with ENT, but it might.

  • K.

    Appreciate the advice. I will continue to troubleshoot.

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