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[MISC] I will pay $ you to build a moded GTAv environment / installation

  • So I have a 2 year old son and we like to play video games together so I want somebody to help me to make a stable GTAv installation with a Focus towards making it child friendly :-)

    I want a trainer and things like Steve McQueen cars and monster Trucks and Batman and Spiderman and the Incredible Hulk and many other superheroes, children's playgrounds and lots of fun stuff to do with my son basically take the violence out and put colourful fun things in!

    So I want a working installation with all of these things Plus maybe if we had fun we will get you to build us some custom might later...

    You could build the installation just for us and then give it to me over the Internet

  • @awoodfinz Maybe use this as a "base" to install the other car mods and superhero scripts. I could probably compile a list of links for you to download and install at your leisure for those player mods and characters. No payment required :)

  • @awoodfinz if you could do the installation yourself. then many people can give you ideas. on which links to get and install. but if you want a ready-made to Go kinda [Working Game Folder], i or someone else can make one and give it to you over the internet. mostly everything can be put into the [Mods] Folder . and you can put that folder into your Normal GTA V Game's root directory. that would work easily.. but i am afraid i am Short on Time. i have other plans. but if it could wait 2 weeks. im up for it.

    if you don't find a suitable person by then, Please leave me Private Message i shall do it.

  • @Spud

    Hey Spud,

    Wow that sounds great I really would appreciate it if you can come up with a list of superhero mods also my son is really into Pixar cars and and he's asked me for a colourful bus with eyes

  • @awoodfinz
    Cool. Lets do this.
    Assuming you are new to modding, I'll give you links to the necessities of modding GTA V.

    This program is used to open and edit .rpf files in GTA V. You will need this to install character models and vehicles.
    Always use a "mods" folder when modding GTA V. You can do that by simply creating a folder in your GTA V directory and naming it "mods". So now, the "mods" folder becomes your new GTA V directory. When editing .rpf files with OpenIV and it asks you to copy over to mods folder, always press "copy to mods folder.
    alt text

    Script Hook V and Script Hook V .NET
    These files are needed to run scripts. Download and follow the instructions they provide to install them. It's very simple. Most scripts can be placed inside a "scripts" folder. Refer to the picture above where to create it.
    Make sure to update these after every GTA V update/patch.

    Script Hook V .NET requires additional software to operate.
    Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2013 (x64)

    Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 Unless you have Windows 10 installed.

    This is required to see menus created for custom vehicles and characters. Simply copy the downloaded NativeUi.dll file into your scripts file.

    Now with the necessary software and files installed, we can begin modding.

    Family Friendly Free Roaming
    This is the main mod you want. Cuts out all violence and swearing, everything.
    Author recommends a 100% save game installed.

    Custom Character Models (or commonly known as Add-On Peds)

    The easiest way to use add-on peds is to use a script called AddonPeds.
    There are a few videos there to help you install ped models.
    NOTE: These peds won't have powers

    Arkham Origins
    Batman v Superman

    Man of Steel

    Civil War
    Toby Maguire

    Hulk Pack
    Large Hulk

    Iron Man
    Iron Man peds

    Many other superhero add-on peds can be found and searched here

    Superhero Mods
    JulioNIB is probably the greatest script writer ever and has created numerous superhero scripts for GTA V.

    The Flash
    Custom Flash models can be easily found in the Player section on gta5-mods.com.

    Custom Hulk models can be easily found in the Player section on gta5-mods.com.

    Iron Man
    Custom Iron Man armor can be easily found in the Player section on gta5-mods.com.
    These require "armor.ini" files to use a add-on peds as Iron Man. If you need a any of these files for your custom models I could create and send those to you.

    NOTE: JulioNIB's superhero mods will cause destruction and violence. However, with the Family Free-roaming mod installed I'm not sure as I don't use it. Maybe things won't blow up. Just test it before hand

    Custom Vehicles
    To use custom vehicles, your GTA V needs a new game configuration to handle the extra vehicles. Can be downloaded here. It needs reinstalling/updating after each GTA V update/patch.

    Follow the installation instructions for each vehicle you download. Make sure to install add-on vehicles.
    Most add-on vehicle installations require you to copy a folder to a specific path and edit one or two text files with Notepad/Wordpad after using OpenIV to find it. It gets easier after doing it once or twice.

    If the vehicle is not an add-on, download a similar vehicle that is that is and rename the non-add on vehicle files to whatever the downloaded add-on vehicle files are called. You only need the three .yft, _hi.yft & .ytd files For example:

    Rename zentorno.ytf, zentorno_hi.yft & zentorno.ytd to addon.yft, addon_hi.yft & addon.ytd.
    Then replace the add-on files with the newly re-named ones and install.

    Lightning McQueen
    There is really not many cartoon cars around and not sure where to get Tow Mater though. Maybe if you ask/donate towards a car modder and they could create/convert a vehicle for you.

    Add-On Vehicle Menu
    Download and install this to use your custom vehicle mods. Follow the guide how to add your new vehicles. Don't worry it's simple.

    I may have missed something but I'm sure I haven't.

  • @Spud Have a "like" for such an informative post lol. Might I suggest frazzlee's DLC list generator, for easier add-on installation?

  • @awoodfinz

    Thanks so much!

  • @awoodfinz It's cool to have all those superhero mods installed to GTA V, but modded or not, Grand Theft Auto V is rated M, “for mature players 17 and older,” and is rated 18+ elsewhere in the world. But since your son is only 2 years old, he wouldn't understand much I think. But don't let him play it after he turns 6-7 years old.

  • @Akila_Reigns wtf xD

  • You need mods that don't yet exist. For example, a mod that makes all peds happy and unkillable, disable every mission, god mode everything basically. GTA is not for children and if you let your 2 year old play this game over other, child-friendly games then you are not doing your job well as a father.

  • @ubtri Ok. So you decide to comment without reading probably the most important thing on this thread. The first mod I suggested is what he is after, and, has existed for well over a year now

  • I can read just fine but thanks for assuming otherwise. A trainer will not make GTA5 a "Toddler-Friendly" game.

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