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ymap not all things are loading

  • i have some maps installed in the ymap but when i load the game they are buggy and i only see some props inside like chairs etc floating in the air but not the main building any help ? is this due to a limit in ymap for installing too many maps?

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  • @MissNadine Some things you said don't make sense. Could you post pics of what you are trying to install and where you are trying to install it? How did you make your ymap? Did you calculate the extents? Did you make sure the boundary boxes (BBmin and BBmax) are the appropriate sizes?

  • @chonkie yes sure sorry im new to gta pc modding i used to be a ps4 gamer, im trying to install multiple ymaps found in this site and some of them xmls converted to ymap, installed in mods dlcpacks custom_maps and inside the rpf where u place the ymaps,. its weird sometimes they load sometimes they dont, its not my maps but its working fine with other downloading them but seems when i add alot of ymaps this happening, maybe conflicts or limits to ymap? im not sure what bbmin and bbmax means sorry :100:




  • @MissNadine The extents and bb questions were for if you made the ymap. How many ymaps do you have loading? Do you also have a bunch of addon vehicles saved with a persistence mod around the ymaps? It could be many things causing stuff to not appear. I've experienced similar issues in the past using ymaps that had waaaay too much stuff trying to spawn in, especially if you are saving a bunch of cars and/or planes and helis. It's even worse if the vehicles are addon and possibly poorly made with no LODs. The game engine usually can't handle that much data. Do you also sometimes have textures missing from the surrounding area, like the roads, hills, trees, etc.?

    Things not spawning in could also be due to you not having the correct props list that was used to make the ymap, but then again you said they sometimes work. I suggest only adding the ones you REALLY want to use. Try adding them one at a time and playing for awhile to see if the issues still happen before adding in the next one you want to use.

  • @chonkie and the most awkward thing is i loaded the game twice without modding anything and i got the penthouse mod first time the top greenhouse glass spawn in the second. Time they wasnt there, i have like 15 ymaps and like 6 dlcs that has their own rpf added to the dlclist xml, but when i load the maps with menyoo or map editor they work just fine, but id like these maps to be implemented to the game all at once and menyoo or map editor cant load more than 1 map at a time... I dont have any vehicle addon installed except the titanic, my 100 savefile is downloaded from this site, but i have alot of scripts installed ,also custom props map builder unlock all objects.. And im spawning all my ymaps at the same time, its weeird how it cant handle all of these ymaos at the same time but it can handle the whole big map itself.. Yes i noticed the trees sometimes dissappear but when i get close they reappear, before i had burgershop installed and eat from all restaurants and when i go to santa monica beach the game kept crashing i had to remove the burgershop, maybe a mod or a map conflicting with a script and doing this i wish there was mod checker tool to see if theres any conflicts using the same files..

  • @MissNadine It's not really weird that the game can handle what R* designed it to handle. The game engine can handle the whole map because the whole map isn't really loading in all the time, at least not the high quality stuff you see around your character, they use a lot of LOD, SLOD for the buildings and surrounding roads, grass, etc to reduce the strain on the game engine. A lot of mods being made do not use LODs or SLODs, and if the mod author used a high draw distance, the game is trying to load more data than it can handle, so you start seeing stuff not spawn in.

    I think they didn't optimize the game for PC, just kind of ported over what they had already made to work on consoles to work on PC, and didn't take advantage of the possibility that most PC are more powerful than consoles. That is I think what the main issue ends up being when you try to install too many maps along with the other mods. I have to assume that the Titanic mod you have is a pretty big file, and if it is somewhat close by your maps, and it is trying to also load in even if you are not that close to it, if it has a high draw distance, it could be using up some of what the game is able to display. The game also uses occlusions, which blocks other things behind the occlusion from being rendered since you aren't really looking at objects behind other objects. That helps keep down the amount of resources that have to be used. The ymaps most likely are not in an area with occlusions or don't have occlusions, so the game is most likely trying to render everything, even if you aren't directly looking at it. I'm not sure if it's possible to make our own occlusions, I'm still in the process of learning that stuff.

    Best thing to do to keep down the frustration of conflicting mods or poorly optimized mods, is to add them one at a time and test them out in the game and make sure no issues pop up. Then add one new one and retest in game. If all is well with those two, then add the third and test. Just keep doing that and if you find a mod that causes issues, remove it before adding the next one. And I'm not really sure, but I don't think a map mod can conflict with a scripts mod. But scripts mods can have their own issues if poorly coded or if one of the items that the scripts depends on isn't up to date.

  • @MissNadine You will also have other issues using ymap made, Menyoo made, and Map Editor made mods if they are supposed to be "buildings". They are not made as actual interiors in the game's eyes, so you've probably noticed rain inside the buildings. Those buildings are just a bunch of props spawned in to "construct" the building. A big building with a bunch of other stuff for decorations could also be the issue with some things not spawning in due to there being too much info for the game to accurately handle each time. You may also experience that if you have vehicles saved in one of the buildings or on something outside the building on a higher level floor, that sometimes when you go far away from the building, you come back to your vehicles being on the ground or stuck inside other props because the props the mod author used to make their building will, or should, despawn after you go outside it's drawable distance, hence making your saved vehicles fall down.
    The only true interiors in the game are made as Mlo. These will cause fewer issues.

  • Ohhhh i seee, thank you for the details man i appreciate itπŸ‘ i didnt know all of these since i was a ps gamer but i prefer pc cos u can do modding, so its an already made game on consoles ported to pc which should be vice versa but maybe because pcs are stronger then the consoles cant handle, Yeah the author of the maps created vehicles close to the buildings, yeah its raining inside them lol, maybe i should try a new gameconfig for unlimited vehicles?

    Oh i see is there a solution to make the game handle all of this? I got heap adjuster set to 2000 and packfile limit adjuster, yeah i did notice the vehicles glitchy they either stuck or falling or blowing up, is there a way to remove these vehicles from these ymaps?
    Oh so can we make mlo interiors or its not possible? Cant we make a building from 3ds max being 1 model instead of being constructed by bunch of props?

    the titanic is a big addon and i think its set to a very high draw distance, ok ill add them one by one and test them and keep the ones i really need to use and get rid of the poor ones,

    I think the burger addon itself was causing the game to crash must be poorly made or not updated but thank you for ur info i really appreciate it 😊 i just thought i was not installling the maps correctly or something wrong with my game

  • @MissNadine It is possible to make your own Mlo using 3ds and some other tools, and it is also possible to edit a vanilla mlo. Here is a good site with a lot of info on how to edit or make a bunch of things for the game. There are also a lot of reference files to download for use if you need them. https://dekurwinator-mods.bitrix24.site/

    You can edit ymaps using CodeWalker, you can add or remove items if you want. You fly to the area in CW that the ymap mod is located, then load the ymap you want to edit into the project window in CW. It will show you all of the items that were used to make the mod. You can select the cargens and delete them and save the ymap and then reinsert it into the game.

    Here is a tutorial I made that shows me editing my own ymap mod, I only add one light to it, but it will show you the basics of editing one.

    There is a mode selection option box in the Selection Tab in CW that you can change it to Car Generators to select vehicles you want to delete if that is how the mod author made it. Just to note, just in case and not saying you intended to, but don't reupload any edits to someone else's mod unless you have their permission.

  • @chonkie

    ohh nice i will check out the site as i have ideas on unique maps that i wanna make, maybe i can learn it all i used to do it back in the days on san andreas, ill get codewalker downloaded and cheek it out and have a look at your video, maybe i can get some cars deleted, no worries as ill be just getting rid of the extra things in the ymap and use it on my game, as i wanna try and make some really special maps like theme park malls etc.. hopefully it wont be hard, thank u for the help man , cheers!

  • @MissNadine Good luck with your journey into making Mlo's. It will seem hard at first until you get the hang of how the game likes things. I've made a few and I'm still learning new stuff each time I get a chance to mess around with stuff. A theme park mall sounds like it would be interesting and also ambitious. I suggest to start small to get the hang of making Mlo's before going big. My latest Mlo I'm working on is real big, has taken me longer than expected, and has made me learn new things. I've also had to redo so many things and cut it up into smaller mlo's that I need to learn how to connect together.

    The editing and making ymaps will be easy.

  • @chonkie thank u yeah im going to start simple then go big lol , im really intrested to know what your making, ill defo check it out if you upload it , hopefully youl manage to do all what your aiming to , goodluck mate :)

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