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replace streamed ped with non streamed ped

  • i want to replace trevor with steve from mine craft is there any way i can do that?

  • Thats easier said than done I'm afraid.
    The main character peds are mass, files upon files of models, animations and textures. These models don't function as regular peds (as in its not the same as dragging and dropping ytd files like it would be to replace a NPC). However it can be done.

    Your best bet would be to either search for videos online and attempt to follow their instructions (100% make sure to back up along the way)

    Or use the 'Character Swap' mod:

    This is the easier way and wont result in all your GTA 5 files deciding to commit suicide
    This is the mod that most Youtubers use as well when they have random models as main character peds (like RADAL)

    Alternatively you can just change certain features of Trevor by changing the YTD and YDR files (such as a certain hairstyle can be changed to a different models)

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