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[BUG] For one minute I've been logged in as someone else.

  • I've searched on google a topic and it send me to this forum, I'm reading a post a suddenly I notice that my profile photo has changed. I clicked on it and I noticed that I was using someone else's account for some reason.

    After a few minutes the "Session Mismatch" pop-ed up and I was back on my own account.



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    I thought I was seeing things. Constantly getting a session mismatch. The only way to fix is to go back to the main site then back to the forums. But yes occasionally I'll be logged into a random account.

  • This bug is well known. (Has been mentioned in 5mods discord server multiple times.) Why this still hasn't been fixed baffles me, since this could possibly be a security threat if this happends to a moderator, ngl.

  • This post is deleted!

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    This post is deleted!

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