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A mod to deactivate mods ?

  • Is there such a thing around ? I have the GTA Mod Remover for when I want to go online. But there has to be an easier way !
    Anyone here know of something like that. Or know of an easier way to go online without having to remove all the mods first ?

  • You can remove the dinput8 file and it should disable all the mods.

  • Would that work even If I have visual mods ( Enb, Visual V )


    @ExplosiveCork visual v yes becuase its in the mods folder, enb i dont think so, i dont use it though so im not sure

  • Well thanks for that info ! Didn't know about the dinput8 file

  • @ExplosiveCork Don't even have to remove dinput8, just rename it.

  • As Chonkie mentioned just rename it from 'dinput8.dll' to 'dinput8.dll_' once you want to load mods again rename it back to 'dinput8.dll'
    ENB should have any settings key for example for me it is Shift+Enter and in this menu is option 'use effect' I just uncheck it and all my mods are turned off. Or if you don't find any menu it could be aswell possible to do in any enb txt file where should be anything like 'use/apply=true/1' so change true to false or 1 to 0

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