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Help with map builder or codewalker

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    I'm trying to create a race track floating in the sky but i just spent like 3 hours adjusting and moving pieces. The problem is connecting the tracks together. Map builder is so sensitive with its co-ordinates that i can't make a seamless track. So i tried codewalker. Easier to place the object but same thing I cant get the tracks to connect without bumps or gaps. I see alot of great looking tracks on here with perfect matching of the roads, i don't think they had to go through and manually edit every piece to fit together perfectly. Am i missing something to allow the tracks to connect?

  • @InfiniteQuestion I thought Map Builder was basically just more props to be used with Map Editor/Menyoo/CodeWalker. If that is the case, which program are you using to make the tracks? IIRC, menyoo and map editor will allow you to adjust the speeds of the different actions like rotation and movement. And yes, you'll have to manually adjust each piece to line up perfect, unfortunately nothing will just snap together.

    Probably more difficult for building a track, but you could make the tracks in 3ds Max or other 3d modeling program and put them in the game. Even then, sometimes I do something in 3ds and don't realize I'm also accidentally messing up something else behind it I'm not looking at because I accidentally selected a random poly.

    ps. I don't remember off the top of my head how to change to rotation/movement speeds in either ME/menyoo, been so long since I've used either of them.

    pps. Also forgot to mention, in CW, you can change the speed at which you move the camera around with the scroll wheel of the mouse if you have one, you have to change that while you are moving the camera with WASD keys. For mine, scrolling forward (or up) on the scroll wheel while moving slows down the camera speed, and scrolling down will speed it up. That can help you position your view to a more precise location to make sure things are lining up more perfectly.

    Accuracy of moving an object in CW is controlled just with how accurate you can move the objects with the mouse. Another tip, you can use the R and F keys to move the camera view up and down if you are looking forward, that also makes it easier to get the camera view into better position to see any gaps. Also, you can set the normal camera movement speed to be somewhat slow, then if you want to slightly speed it up to move positions quicker, just hold the Shift key while moving.

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    @chonkie Thank you for your response. Ya It is with map editor, not map builder. I'm not trying to create my own hand made tracks, just use the ones in the game already. The problem I'm having with map editor is it is literally impossible to move a prop into the right location.

    Let's say I select the pitch, and with the movement on my keyboard set to slow ill adjust the pitch slightly but it would make a huge over adjustment. So I'll have to go back the other way slowly to get it where it was. But then the piece will start going to random numbers. Even if I manually enter a number like 170, the program will read it as 359. 0 will turn into some random number like 5.924869. This program makes no sense. If the props would move like I expect it would be easy.

    And even if i perfectly make a copy of a prop, the prop is always slightly higher than the last prop. My road looks like warped wooden deck that's missing any nails. My car just hits every bump.

    All those maps with race tracks were all designed with 3ds or did everyone on here just spend weeks making it pixle perfect?

  • @InfiniteQuestion Yeah, Map Editor being outdated plus with it's many issues, and after learning about Mlo is why I quit using it. I don't know about if people spent weeks trying to line everything up using map editor or menyoo. I don't use gta 5 as a racing game, there's better actual racing games for that, so i haven't downloaded any racing maps. I usually don't even use mods made with menyoo or map editor unless it's something quirky and fun, like one of the go kart tracks and there's an RC car track on the site that I've tried, and Patoche's maze.

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