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vehicle dlc folder not loading

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    So, in an attempt to combine two vehicle packs, I made a new folder in open iv, named it, added a dlc.rpf from another folder, and added the information from the second folder into the files of the first (carvariations, handling, etc.) and transferred the files needed into vehicles.rpf and added the name of the new folder while removing the names of the two older folders from dlclist. Also edited content and setup to reflect the name changes.

    The problem is the game isn't finding this folder (or possibly ignoring it) and not making it so I can use the vehicles in game.

    Any ideas or suggestions why? It's not the first time this has happened and this is the only vehicle pack right now. There's only one other vehicle dlc in dlcpacks, a snowmobile, and the game is making it spawnable.

    Edit:This only started occurring after the OIV update.

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  • @QBit07 Just to make sure, double check that the dlclist line has the correct format and isn't missing one of the / somewhere, also that the opening and closing Item is either capitalized for both or lower case for both. Those are the two more common problems with a dlcpack folder not being recognized.

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    @gracz88 ?

    @chonkie It's not. I use the "Duplicate Current Line" feature since I'm a poor typist.

  • @QBit07 Yeah, I just copy and paste and then change the name to the new dlcpack. Just wanted to mention to double check because that is the issue most of the time when people try to enter manually, since I was not aware you just duplicate the current line. Other than that, I'm not sure what else besides maybe an error in how you constructed the dlcpack. Maybe post some pics of the folder you created and each subfolder in it. Hopefully someone else sees it and knows, because I'm not too familiar with cars and the files and how the format of their files needs to be laid out in the folders.

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    @chonkie Ended up rebuilding the pack using another pack and just copying the info over.

    Just can't get one car to work despite inputting all the relevant info into vehiclelayouts.meta.

    It spawns but with the PC standing inside the vehicle model or being underneath it. Attempting to enter the vehicle crashes the game. I know what info is needed for vehiclelayouts.meta but it's still doing the same. Same vehicle was working fine before as part of another pack.


    Nevermind use a different one to get it working.

  • @QBit07 Glad to see you figured out the issue and got it working.

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    @chonkie Not how I wanted to but it's good enough.

    I did discover that the game ignores the folder if there's a problem with content.xml. Just yesterday discovered I had omitted part of the path pointing to one of the meta files and once I corrected it the game loaded the car pack just fine.

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