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Replace Police Police2 and Police3

  • Hi, I'm trying to change the police, police 2 and police 3 files with some replaces of the Italian police. Once I'm in the game, if I use the trainer, the changed car appears. But if I activate the suspect level, or I play as usual, the normal police comes, not the Italian one.

    No problem with files of other cars.

    I have to report that sometimes the game crashes.

    GTA V 1868 offline version
    GTA V 1.50 online version

  • @Mizar88 did you use replace vehicle not addon right? Did you replaced 'police' 'police2' and 'police3' files and spawning this exact names spawn Italian police right?

  • @ArmaniAdnr Yes, I replace the vehicle. I don't use addon

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