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Menyoo, Missing attachment options.

  • My game is up to date on the lastest version of 1.0.1868.0, And menyoo is also up to date at the current version of 1.3.0. Menyoo is the only mod i am using. I Would like to add that i am using Menyoo on FiveM. As far as any logs go, I Can't find them for the asi-five.dll, scripthookv.dll, And the scripthookvdotnet doesn't show up anywhere in my fivem files. FiveM Does not require you to modify the base game files in order to use mods in the FiveM client.

    I noticed while trying to attach an object to my vehicles wheels that there were only three options. Bodyshell, Bonnet, And afterburner. Once i select the afterburner option, It gets stuck and i can't select another bone to attach to. I Can detach the object and re-attach it to the vehicle so i can select another bone to attach to, But i am still stuck with those three options, Bodyshell, Bonnet, And afterburner.


    you're better asking on fivem forums

  • My bad. I Noticed that you can actually click on the bone attachment and it opens a whole list of other bones to attach to. My whole time using this menu i thought you just couldn't attach to things like the wheels. Hope this helps someone!

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