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Replace texture on prop_premier_fence_02

  • Hello,
    I'm trying to swap the texture of this propu for a new one, but I can't find the texture to replace anywhere, do you know anyone where I can find the file?


  • @Gydol That texture is embedded in the ydr. The only way I know how to replace an embedded texture, is to export the ydr to openFormats, import it into 3ds Max using GIMS Evo, redo the texture to what you want, then embed the texture with GIMS, then export the ydr with GIMS, then import the ydr back into openFormats (OpenIV).

  • @chonkie you don't even need 3ds max, just open the folder and texture is there, change it and import openformats

  • @HeySlickThatsMe oh god make your life easier :grin: when you export it in open formats you have one file and one folder and in the folder you can find DDS format with pictures (textures). You can download free plugin for photoshop to be able open and save DDS formats so you can then easly edit or replace these files using photoshop :slight_smile: then save it to the same place in folder with same name and grab the file that was created with folder during exporting and put it in OpenIV. It grab all the files from the folder and make ydr again

  • @HeySlickThatsMe said in Replace texture on prop_premier_fence_02:

    @chonkie you don't even need 3ds max, just open the folder and texture is there, change it and import openformats

    I looked for a folder for embedded textures but don't see one.

    Ps. Just had an aha moment, you mean the folder that is created when you export the ydr? At first, i thought you meant a ytd somewhere for the embedded texture. Was thinking, huh??Good to know, I've only messed with textures while working on making or modifying stuff on 3ds, so that is the only way i have done it so far.

    Lol, i responded before reading ArmaniAdnr's post saying the same thing i just realized.

    Thank you both for the info, sometimes you only do what you already know.

  • Sorry to bring this to life.
    I managed to do the change of texture easily with this
    link text
    I'm currently using the prop for a ymap for Vanilla Unicorn, this was included in there and finally managed to get it working even easier than the methods above. I just imported the ydr to the toolkit and replaced the texture and then moved the file to the map files on my server and bum working. :dancer:
    ![https://imgur.com/JKXtQvu](image url)

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