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.ymap Lod

  • Hello guys!
    Is it possible to change the Lod fom all .ymaps they installed?

  • @Yolomann500 I assume you are wanting to change the draw distance of objects in the ymap, is that correct? If so, you can open the ymap and edit the lodDistance values of each entity manually then save the ymap. You can use either OpenIV or CodeWalker.

    Hopefully you aren't wanting to do this with all the ymaps R* has created and are just wanting to do this with a few particular mods you downloaded that uses a ymap. The part where you say, "all ymaps they installed?" has me a bit confused and worried.

  • @chonkie Oh, nono, i mean all mod .ymaps
    Ik, i can change the value manually, but i have too many i hope u can understand, hmm is is possible to change the load distance automatically?
    If how can i do that? I will not do it manually

  • @chonkie I play with NVR and other mods, the performace it with all these ymps not good, i need to chance the lod of the ymaps (trees for example) so thats the reason my question

  • @Yolomann500 Not unless someone has made a tool to do that, you'll have to search for that though.

  • @Yolomann500 Are you having the issue of things not showing up from the ymaps? One of the big issues, is most will not have the proper extents. Load a ymap into CodeWalker and press the calculate extents button. That will help, if not completely solve those issues. Most of the time, those values before you calculate will be at the max values and very massive, and after calculating they will reduce by like 10,000 which will help them not want to keep trying to load even while you are far far away. You will also have to press the calculate flags button before saving the ymap and loading into the game.

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