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How can I edit a walking style?

  • Hi,

    I want to change the way the character walks permanently, to be able to use it in the RAGE:MP client in client-side, I have seen a mod that does it, it's this: Better MP Female Walkstyle
    Link: gta5- mods. com/misc/better-mp-female-walkstyle (I can't post it complete)

    I want to add the pose, way of walking and running of some Peds in the file of the Multiplayer, but when I open it with Notepad++ they are all unreadable files, I have seen that the Peds use 2 files together and that of the Multiplayer one, the 2 files of Peds are used at the same time, instead, the Multiplayer file contains all the animations together, so replacing the name doesn't work for me, I have to add the clips of the Peds in the Multiplayer files, but, How?

    PS: Trainers cannot be used in RAGE:MP, that's why I want to edit this file.

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