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[VEHICLE][WIP] OPEL Rekord, Series A (1963–1965)

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman
    Thank You. There is a one thing only confusing me... the logo. Not same on every picture. It looks that it changed during this model (1964). I think I will use the logo from 1964 on.

  • logo1
    Logo changed in 1964 (?)

  • This post is deleted!

  • @NajPotez said in [VEHICLE][WIP] OPEL Rekord, Series A (1963–1965):

    Logo changed in 1964 (?)
    Yep. Quite interesting that the 1964 look simular to the 2016 one.

    alt text
    Look at the hold on loops. Just like inside train

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman
    About holders, I can't do much better but simple like this:

  • Very nice Car! Looking good. Just like inbetweendays, I too think it would be awesome if you joined Gta Classics Discord. It's a fine place for classic car lovers like us all. We are big fans of your work, me especially of your Audi Coupe 100...what a beauty

  • @NajPotez Thats enough. It only needs some leather texture on it and there you go. Great work

  • I'm pretty happy with the LODs. Lots of welding in the last few days, but the result is a reward :)
    It will be necessary to do weld for LODs later again, as I also plan 4-door bonus version. First, of course I should finish this one .

  • awesome dude

  • Perfect! 4 door variant too? Extra nice. Say, do you plan on doing a few liveries for the car, perhaps a Rusty one?

    Opels were known in their day as very prone to rust, after all.

  • @Frostelis 4-doors variation I plan as Add-On version only... it could have some kind of livery option... I will see later. 2-doors variation will also have replace version for "Manana", and I will try to adapt all Manana's tuning options ... and, of course, will have convertible extras.

  • When I make car mods for GTA V, I like to make videos with it (I need these breaks). Often, this is with the music from the same era. One of the great music hits of the mid 60's is "The House of Rising Sun" ("The Animals" 1964). As this is a German car (designed in America), I chose the "Wolfenstein's" parody version of the song.

    I'm not sending any messages, I just like the song. For the clarity, I added English subtitles.

  • Cool music video, it could be a music video.

  • @NajPotez Funny video

  • The side logo took up too many polygons. I decided to simplify it, and "get space" for other details. I'm just working on a 3D front grill, so I'll see if the car looks better with it.

  • Its still too high poly. It can be much less.
    Something like in this kind of detail range
    alt text
    If you know what i mean.
    And continue like that
    alt text The font is straight there, so you don't need edges in the middle there

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman
    At the top of the video. you can compare the flat and 3d grills, and the bottom part of the video has differences about the logo:

    Also, I think you are right about gille. Flat grille looks better on normal distance, specially in motion. Only when you get really close (never happens in game) you se advantage of the 3d grill. It is not question of 600-700 polygons, but flat grille looks better in most situations.

  • @NajPotez well a detailed 3D grill require higher game resolution (4k for ex.) to avoid flickering issues. But you can avoid this slightly by bakeing a good normal map for your grille for better results. Or find a already baked texture that fits to your one. So you having less flickering effects. Also downsize the normal map texture by half compared to the diffuse texture for optimization. For ex. 1024x1024 Diffuse and 512x512 Normal map texture

    When you bake a good texture, you will have a normal map which respect the lightning that a high poly mesh would have. Normally you bake a high poly mesh onto a texture. But there are programs which allows you to bake without a high poly mesh, like Substance Painter.

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman
    I reduced (welding:) another 1176x2 = 2352 polygons. I think that is ok now... I'm afraid of losing more roundness. About grill, I will leave it as a misc now, so I can do easy change. One option is to make tuning part upgrade as "Mesh Grille", so users can pic better option for their needs.

  • @NajPotez I should add screws to indicators next :)

  • Final stage related to replace version. Tuning parts. "Manana" has a few chrome trims that I will just adapt, and for the bumper mode and "headlight grills" mode, I found the idea in these photos:
    Next post will show how I did.

  • Interior extras and tuning options - done:

  • Wow just wonderful and amazing !!!! Great work like always ;)

  • Really good quality. Looks like something Carface will do.

  • Crash and burn test - making sure everything that can be broken breaks and burns

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