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Editing Rockstar Editor clips’ time of day

  • Hi all,

    Recently got into modding, mostly things to accent the experience of recording machinima like Extended Video Export. Love the passion of this site. 😍

    I’ve got a bunch of clips I recorded with some friends but the time of day in the clips changes so quickly that a final video will look too inconsistent; One race around the country takes 24 hours!

    I understand I can lock the time of day in a Content Creator match but there are limitations there. Ideally a multiplayer Director Mode would be perfect, and I’ve put in a suggestion to Rockstar for that very thing but I doubt it will get added. (“No fun allowed!”). I could re-record the whole thing again but that would mean a waste of our collective hours and effort, too.

    In short: Is there a way to change the time of day of Rockstar Editor clips in the Rockstar Editor? Any existing mod menus that do that, or is there some special property of these .clip files that prevents them from being modified? Maybe no one has wanted this until now…?

    If anyone is up to the task I can put a bounty on a mod that can do this, and render correctly. We can talk a rate privately.


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