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XML Syntax

  • Hello guys I'm having an issue adding a add-on vehicle XML file in dlc.XML file

    *XML parsing error at line 0, col 0:
    The following tags were not closed:SMandatorypacksDatapaths.

    Any helpful tips would be appreciated its really disturbing

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    You're missing a closing tag for "SMandatorypacksDatapaths". What you need to do is find where it needs to go and put </SMandatorypacksDatapaths>.

  • @QBit07 Thanks for the tips I would appreciate if you elaborate more just so I could know the exact location to fix thanks. Don't really have much experience with open iv just yet

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    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


  • @QBit07 Thanks a lot for the tips i was able to save in the dlclist in open iv without the error popping up. However the game stops and return to desktop after launching it

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    Are you using a custom gameconfig?

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    Since we are talking about syntax in the DLC list, which is correct to use a forward slash or backward slash?

    My DLC list has
    While yours has
    Which is correct because they both work and I keep seeing DLCs with both.

    Also I only edit XML files inside of OpenIV only if its one small change. When adding lines or moving lines around I always use Notepad++. Not only for the bulk changing of values but it also has the option to show hidden characters other editors can't see. Most of the time it's just blindly copying DLC lines from a regular txt file.

  • @QBit07 Hmm am a bit doubtful about it where can I find it and what should I do. Thanks for your time

  • @Demix19
    Custom 'gameconfig.xml':
    Pick one that matches your game version here :thumbsup:

    They are both correct. There's no difference between the way the game reads either :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th I so much appreciate bro it works fine now

  • My GTA 5 hangs and return to desktop only when I choose to kill Michael in the final mission I had no issue killing Trevor and also played death wish without issues any tips as to why killing Michael is a problem

  • @Demix19
    Nice one, glad it worked :thumbsup:
    @QBit07 deserves the credit for the gameconfig suggestion :thumbsup:

    Not sure about the Michael thing, haven't played much of SP yet.

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