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Any way I can use older update.rpf for new build?

  • After the latest gta v update, I can't keep using my previous update.rpf or the game crashes.
    If I copy and paste the vanilla update.rpf, the game works fine.
    Does anyone know which files I need to replace so that I can keep using the older update.rpf?
    Thanks alot!

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    @ManiacKnight My heavily modded GTA folder started crashing after 5 mins of play beginning in February. Out of no where, changing absolutely nothing. After exhausted efforts to one by one try my scripts and ASI, I updated over and over again my game config files and script hook making sure everything was updated. No go, still crash after 5mins. So I install vanilla backup folder and everything works great for days. I reinstall everything one by one from my backup files. Worked for a day, I thought my problems were behind me. Next day, 5 mins of play crashed.

    Very very frustrated, I know Vanilla works, it was only after installing mods everything crashes after a day. So not giving up im gonna do this the very hard way, manual install every file from my last backup until the game crashes. That was a week ago, I'm still scared to push my game any farther. Yesterday I finished by reinstalling all my DLCs. So far I have played two 6 hour game sessions with no crashes.

    Basically almost every file in update.rpf is modded in some way. Timecycle files, weather files, crime and cop files, vehicle handling, time and weather files, weather fx files, I have custom XBox controller files so those are very important backups, skydome water and fire effects, gameconfig and visualsettings, and clouds.....Damn thats alot of mods.

  • @ManiacKnight there are more files that have to be new inthere so best way to avoid this in future is make a list all mods that you did put in update.rpf and all time have a backup of mods folder so after update you can put moded files back to the new update.rpf

    For now is only way to do it as I did it first time I think and it's moving files and folders from old update.rpf to new rpf one by one and test game everytime :shrug_tone3: I know it's really hard and will take a long time but I think it's still only way to do it :/

  • I fixed it guys! Game is back to normal. All I did was compare the new update.rpf with my older one, and if the size of the files inside the newer rpf were greater than the older one I didnt replace them (Meaning it probably has new content added which is required for game to work) I did something like this, used my brains, and now everything works perfect with 0 crashes!

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