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  • I have a question, can I make a mod that can REPLACE the parts of the weapon , not just change the sight or silencer, but replace the part of the weapon with another, as in Escape from tarkov.

  • @CyberPlugg Not really. Not with the default weapons. GTA's engine just doesn't allow it. But you can try it with the guns from the Gunrunning and Doomsday update, since a few parts can be modified, like the barrel and muzzle.

  • @CyberPlugg each weapon have different amount of changable parts but mostly it is just magazine, silencer, sight, flashlight, grip and that special finish of weapon which is different model so you can have 2 weapon models on one weapon if specific weapon have this finish.

    But there is no components for each weapon separatly. 3-5 weapons can use the same attachments, for example 3 pistols can use the same silencer, 2 snipers can use the same sight etc. But again with that special finish even attachments have new model so same silencer type with special finish is totaly new model in files.

    So this is all what you can change with default weapons. I have experiences yet just with nondlc weapons so that gunrunning and doomsday may be a bit different but as was mentioned just the parts that you can change originaly ingame, can be changed, for example you can't change just handle of rifle if this option is not ingame on that rifle by default. And I never seen custom weapons like that :shrug_tone3:

  • @flying_bulletzzz I thought I would be able to add my own weapon (addon) , and be able to replace weapon parts

  • You can add weapons indeed, you can add components aswell but you can only add 10 (or less) new components before game goes apeshit, however with Mk2 gun customization it would be possible to basically make different parts of guns, by changing the barrel models for example so they're more than just barrel

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