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Strange issue with breakable glass :(

  • HI, I am heaving a very weird issue with glass.
    I know he procedure of how to make glass breakable, however I bought a model and after installing it in the game ant it is operational, when i shoot the glass,, it cracks but don't break.
    it's only happening with this particular van model and another van model i installed recently.

    (this morning I added a car completely from the beginning and it's glass are breakable.)

    Regarding COL files I use ready ones to be certain they are good.
    same goes for vehicles.meta and carvariations lines.

    I would appreciate any help because I can't figure what is happening :(

    thanks in advance

  • By cracks, do you mean bullet holes? Is there a flag called FLAG_BULLETPROOF_GLASS or FLAG_BULLET_RESISTANT_GLASS in the vehicles.meta?

    Have you tried changing the External ID to 120 in ZModeler?

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