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Identical Buildings Spawning On Top Of The Original Building.

  • can anyone please help why buildings keep spawning on top of each other in game, i made a video showing an example of one of a few buildings that do it. ((

    )) thanks in advance!

  • @JackM18 did you somehow edited these buildings or when this problem starts? My first thought was LOD but LOD would not reaplce whole building :thinking: really interesting problem...

  • Nope i wouldn't know where to start with editing buildings. I've just got a new PC aswell so cant be hardware issues. The odd thing is, the extra building has its own shadow lol, thanks for the response

  • @JackM18 That sure is wacky. List the mods you have installed or better yet post screen shots of your root folder, mods folder, script folder. Are you on the most recent game version and is it a legit version or a cracked version? Just want to cover some of the basics.

  • I have Redux installed and a few replaced cars also. My directory is very long ! It is a legal copy of the game.

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    Ditch Redux and find a better alternative.


    what he said^

  • @JackM18 cars replacement if done right cant do this...I agree with QBit07, delete that stolen sh*t Redux, there is tons of mods that you can combine and get even better result and have mods with support and updates :ok_hand_tone3:

  • Okay guys, thank you very much. I will switch to Natural Vision ;)

  • Natural vision in, to be honest I'm not liking it as much. I'm just patrolling the dodgy building lol. Any ideas why the building is like this guys?!

  • @JackM18 What did you install most recently before you noticed the extra buildings, since you said there were a few that did it? Are all of the buildings that double up in one particular area or spread out over the whole map? If basically in one area, concentrate on mods that affect the area if there are any, like map mods. And honestly, what ArmaniAdnr first thought might be correct, it does seem like an LOD of the building, since it disappears when you zoom in, and reappears when you zoom out. And a LOD would be of the whole building, just lower quality. It will even cast a shadow. Just don't know why it would be out of position. I assume the other buildings that have the same issue react the same way when you zoom in or out.

    Maybe try seeing if that building does the same thing in CodeWalker. Make sure to enable the mods folder in CW before testing this out. Also, try it without enabling any dlc in CW. Move the camera in CW around the building, moving closer and farther and see what pops up. The further you move away, the lods will pop up, see if that extra one does too. See if you can select the building when it pops up, CW will tell you the info about it's name and it's location in the files and if it is a LOD or not. If it doesn't show up without dlc enabled, I would start by enabling the one named MAP, and move around the building again to see if it pops up.

    Trying to find what it is in CW seems like it would be the easiest way to figure out the issue.

  • The only main mods i have in is REDUX (wasn't fan of N.V. lol), and LA ROADS and plenty replaced cars, i'm posting the videos to YouTube to show you guys what my issue is. I have a RTX 2060 SUPER so surely that it shouldn't be happening. Heres a quick vid showing problems again.

  • REDUX is crap, it adds so many buggy stuff and copies too many x64 files instead of using custom DLC's (a safer way)

  • but is redux the issue here?

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    @JackM18 It doesn't matter. Redux isn't any good and should not be used.

  • @JackM18 From what I understand, if you have a lot of replace cars that don't have proper LODs and have high poly counts, and you have them spawning in traffic, that will cause issues like with the texture flickering and changing. It's not an issue with your graphics card, it's an issue with the game engine and it not having the capacity or whatever to be able to have all those high poly cars on the roads. It is an old game that got ported from consoles after all. Doubt they optimized anything to work on more powerful PCs. Not sure if it could cause a building LOD to pop up above the building, wouldn't think so. I also have to agree with the others that have already state to get rid of Redux.

  • I will try turning traffic off in game to see if that makes a difference. What would you guys recommend other than redux?


    @JackM18 literally anything else

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