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[SCRIPT] Screenshot Script

  • I haven't found anything on this, but would it be possible to create a script that simply makes screenshots in the game and puts them in a specified folder? The standard "printscreen" button doesn't work ingame.

  • @Minimum_Capacity If you use steam, you can use it to take screenshots.
    A few other ways:

    • ENB mods has a key configuration for taking screenshots.
    • Use third party software, such as ShadowPlay, Fraps.

  • I'm running the Rockstar client, so steam's out. I don't have an enb mod, since my system is pretty much at the limit with the game "as is" running with other mods. Third party software i've checked, but couldn't find anything that just makes screenshots and saves them somewhere. They're all "tools" with editing programs, sharing, printing, and what not. I just want to push a button and have a damn screenshot in a folder. :-P

  • @Minimum_Capacity What about ShadowPlay? Do you have a Nvidia card?

  • @Minimum_Capacity Check Fraps, it's very lightweight.

  • @Minimum_Capacity you can still add it to your Steam library and launch it via Steam or make screenshots. Did the same with the retail version.

  • @Minimum_Capacity Fraps is pretty good, Bandicam is okay (that's what I use).

    I'm not sure if you install ENB and then turn all the enhancements off (Shift + F12 I think), whether that will keep the performance impact down but still let you use the screenshot feature... could be worth trying. I know it definitely captures the screenshots with the effects off but I don't know whether just having ENB installed has any kind of impact on performance.

  • @LeeC2202 Is Bandicam better than ShadowPlay? What about Mirillis Action! ? What do you think is the best?

  • I'll try. Thank you. :-)

  • @Akila_Reigns Bandicam is okay if you use the third party codecs. I'm using it with the Lagarith Lossless codec which produces fairly good but quite large files... about 2.3GB per minute. But I have to keep the capture size down to half-size, to capture at 60fps. Could be down to the HD I'm recording to though, not sure.

    Wasn't impressed with Shadowplay at all, far too much bloatware to perform a simple task.

    Fraps was okay but it's just not up to date... it's a quick and easy solution for screengrabs though, so I keep it on for that. I actually contacted the dev for that recently to see if there were any API calls I could make to capture screens from within other apps. I wanted to add the ability to my test mods to trigger a screenshot from the gamepad... there is no option to do that yet, so I'm still looking on that score.

    Not heard of Mirillis Action before... Had I not discovered these third party codecs for Bandicam, I would probably try something else, but it's fine for what I need now. Support is pretty crap though for basic stuff. A request was made over five years ago for them to add a separate folder for screenshots and it's still not implemented. That's pretty poor for a five-minute addition.

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