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How to change handling of add-on vehicles?

  • I installed a bunch of airplanes add-ons, and I'd like to make them faster. Is there a way to edit their handling?



    @mra16 yes, edit the handling.meta. you'll need to tweak the values to your liking

  • @mra16 just adding to Reacon's message, if addons don't have handling.meta files in folder, they should have at least vehicles.meta and inside it you can find third line of each vehicle looking like this '<handlingId>NAME</handlingId>' in that case it is using vanilla handling of model which is wrote there. Then just change handling of that specific vehicle.

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    @ArmaniAdnr if it's an addon the handling.meta can be copied and put in the folder with the other files. Of course the handlingid would have to be changed. I had to do this with some addons that needed vehiclelayouts.meta information but vehiclelayouts.meta wasn't present in the folder. Also, the relevant information would also need to be added to content.xml.

    This way the addon's handling can be edited but vanilla cars handling will be untouched.

  • @QBit07 yep that's right, this way he keep vanilla ones for other vanilla vehicles that use it and make himself new for addon. Thanks for completion.

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