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Porsche 911 Turbo S (996)

  • Hi mates

    Can somebody teach me how to create my fav car

    Porsche 911 Turbo S (996) or better known as GT2 (996)

    Thank U


    Moved to the correct section and gave it a sensible title.

  • @MrVain watch scrat convert videos in YouTube.

  • @Canadian-mods

    it's not only that , problem is u can't find that model cause it's very rare ...I need to see if old Test Drive Unlimited have 1 model,

    • it's 4wd all wheel drive
    • have unique spoiler only GT2 and Turbo S (996) series using it
    • using same rims like GT3 (996) and (993) Porsche Turbo 3.6 from 1995
    • U have the model only (as far as I know) in NFS most wanted 2003/04
    • problem is how to create mod to have TURBO S default, but when u customize to be GT2 (like in real life)
    • also GT2 is known as 996 race car but Im talking about street version I cannot post picture here cause every link that I post is outdated within few minutes and we dont have option to upload pictures in comments what is pity

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