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Game crashes after any more Addon vehicle I install

  • So I have a list of addon vehicles I wanted to install, all from the project homecoming guys. So they are cars, that work, no broken mods in it. I installed 14 of them, game works fine, as i install one more, game crashes either just when it fully loaded up or, most of the time, while loading. No error message. I have 7 more addon cars and one car pack with 6 cars, I tried a few to see if maybe one of them is broken. It always crashes as soon as I put one more car in.
    I installed heap limit ajuster, pack limit ajuster and the modified gameconfig with higher addon limit, does not change anything. Everything is named correctly and put in the right folder, I did not change anything from the other cars that work.

    Is there a way to change the limit of 14 cars or am I missing something?


    combine them into one dlc

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