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create a section for mafia 3?

  • this game is really nice.(i like more than gta 5).

    for example the character in mafia 3 moves faster and better.
    the attack has more options than gta 5 inpresionantes.pienso much more than creating an editor for mafia 3 would be great.
    the map is almost as big as GTA 5 .I prefer the mafia 3 to 5 for mods gta
    and most importantly, the game loads much faster without much security
    now a see some mods in YouTube of enb and are nice.
    (pardon for my english)

  • This is a site and forum dedicated solely to Grand Theft Auto V.
    Creating a section for Mafia 3, here, makes no sense, whatsoever.

    If you want a forum for Mafia 3, then google around for one.

    You've already created a topic about modding for Mafia 3 (which I ended up having to move over to the Off-Topic Discussion section, since this section is only for Grand Theft Auto V modding).
    You don't need to create several threads about this, and you shouldn't.

    Locked. - Further action will be taken if this continues.

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