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[PLAYER] Kiryu Kazuma ped request

  • Heya! I recently created my account just to post this.

    So, I kind of fell into Yakuza hell for quite a while now, I decided to give it a try making my own ped using freely available Kiryu model(which I'll provide sources below.). And so yeah, I'm completely lack of modding skills, I failed, and I stopped trying.

    I honestly don't know if you can convert SFM model or not, but here are what I found. Hopefully it might provide you something.

    Yakuza - Kiryu Kazuma (RELEASE) This one is the SFM model I mentioned earlier.
    Yakuza 6: Kiryu XPS This is the XPS file I tried to work on.

    I still hope there's someone out there willing to make this real, though. Lol. Thanks in advance, everyone.

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