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How to Install YMAP?

  • Hello

    I have here Download a Custom Map
    I have only a ymap File
    I have drag this ymap in my Custom Map Folder
    But the Map doesn't work

    Can anybody help me?

  • Banned

    Show us a screenshot of your dlcpacks folder.

    Did you add the line to dlclist.xml pointing to your custom maps folder?

  • Yes i have.
    Other Maps works fine.
    But only the other two not working

  • @Nenade You need to provide more info if you want help. Show us pics of your dlcpacks folder and your dlclist.xml. There's probably an error somewhere in the dlclist formatting, that's the more common issue. Also tell us which two aren't working, maybe post the link to them so if someone wants to they can see if there is an issue others are having and reporting about in the mods comment section.

  • @Nenade I don't see anything wrong with your dlclist.xml and dlcpacks look fine too. Are the ymaps that don't work just not spawning everything in so a bunch of props are missing? Or just nothing shows up where they are supposed to be in the game?

  • @Nenade Ah, found one issue with the missionrow3.ymap, it does not have any values for the streaming extents or the entity extents. You can fix that by loading the ymap into a new project in CodeWalker, then press the calculate flags and the calculate extents button, then save the ymap and put that one into your custom maps folder.

    Now with the Toyota dealership, it doesn't just appear in the game somewhere, you would need to spawn it and place it where you want it. I would recommend CodeWalker. You make a new ymap, click the ymap tab in that project window and click add new entity, replace the name of the alien egg with build_toyotagarage and it should pop up in front of you in CW, then you can place it where you want to. Then click the calculate flags and calculate extents buttons, then save your new ymap and place that in your custom_maps folder and it will now load in the game where you placed it.

    alt text

    alt text

    Notice in this pic how the values in the extents boxes went from all zeros to actual values. You will do the same thing with the extents to the missionrow3 ymap alt text

    Thank you for providing the links, that helped me download them quickly and see exactly what was wrong.

  • @chonkie
    I am not familiar with code walker
    How did you load the ymap into code walker?
    Can you please explain it to me


  • @Nenade You need to open CW, press the T key to pop up the tool bar at the top of the screen. Click on the double arrows in the upper right corner. Click on the Enable Mods box, when that is done loading, select the maspack in the drop down menu next to DLC Level, then click on the Enable DLC box. When that is done loading, go to the tool bar and click the drop down arrow on the first folder symbol and pick the New Ymap File option. That will open a new project window. Click on the *map1.ymap, then click on Ymap in the tool bar of that new project window and select New Entity. You'll have an alien egg prop show up, and in the right side where there is a section named Archetype, you replace the prop_alien_egg_01 with the name build_toyotagarage and then the building will show up in CW in front of you. You can now minimize the project window so you can place the prop where you want it.

  • Oh...Thank you very much
    Thats very nice

  • @Nenade sorry, i figured it would be quicker just to tell you, but if you still need it, i will post that video later. I'm going to add more instructions in just a minute right here.

  • @Nenade After you finish moving and rotating it where you want it, you need to go back to the project window you minimized and click on the *map1.ymap to highlight it to bring up the calculate flags and calculate extents buttons. Click on those, then you can save your ymap as whatever you want to name it and save it to your desktop. Then place your new ymap into the custom_maps folder and you are done.

    The three pictures I posted earlier will help you reference what things should look like.

  • @Nenade To fix the missionrow3 ymap, place that ymap on your desktop, and instead of choosing the make a new ymap in CW, choose the second folder in the toolbar that opens when you press the T key in CW and select Open Ymap and select the missionrow3 ymap that is on your desktop. Then just need to calculate the flags and extents, save it back to your desktop and insert it back into your custom_maps folder.

  • @chonkie
    Thank you very very much. I´ll try it
    Are you still making the video?

  • @chonkie
    How do you move forward
    i can only zoom

    And is posible to load Map "missionrow3" to see it or have to search for it (location)

  • @Nenade You move around using the WASD keys. You can also move the camera up and down using the R and F keys. You can increase or decrease the camera movement speed using the scroll wheel while moving to change it.
    You may also have to hold the mouse button down on the screen at first to start moving, but you can release the mouse button after you start moving. Read up a few post on how to load up your missionrow3 ymap.

  • @chonkie
    Do you understand what I mean?
    I have loaded "missionrow3"
    I would like to see it in CW
    What do I have to do
    or do I have to search for it?

  • @Nenade Oh, yeah, click on one of the entities in the ymap in the project window and there will be a Go To button on the right side of the project window next to the entity's position coords. Also note, the props will either not show up or will flicker until you click on the calculate flags and the calculate extents buttons.

  • @Nenade Another tip for moving the camera around in CW, if you use the scroll wheel to slow down your movement, you can temporarily speed up by holding the Shift key while moving.

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