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NEW to GTA5 mods. A noob looking for any help

  • As stated, im new to the website...and to modding in general.
    So, to make this fast...a quick question to determine if i can mod what i have and do i have the necessary skills to pull it off.
    Here goes...
    First...im a 45 yr old from Nova Scotia Canada. And have never modded before. Ive seen alot of videos of mods....and looks awesome. Just looking to make this 7 year old game a little more fun

    I have a downloaded copy of GTA5 on a slim(not super slim) stock PS3.
    Have PC and USB stick

    Are there any options for modding?

    Any help is greatly appreciated
    Thanks in advance

  • @HFDFirewood You'll need to buy it for PC, no console modding or support here. Not even discussed here.

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