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car textures (carbon fiber, black plastic) glitched out and way too shiny

  • I am playing on the latest version of GTA 5 on rockstar and all of my add-on cars have really shiny chrome in areas of the car that are supposed to be black, carbon fiber also has the same issue. I have everything else updated and have tried reinstalling all my x64 rpfs, along with the vehshares they come with. it hasnt helped
    alt text

    thanks for any help id appreciate it

  • It might have something to do with a graphic mod if you have one installed it could have changed a value that has increased reflection on those textures. had seen this with a mod myself don't know what exactly caused it. I don't think whatever caused this was in x64 files. Try update.rpf, it might just fix it. but take back up of files you know you have changed and and has nothing to do with visuals. like dlclist if you have add-ons.

  • @Mexicork
    Might be this:

    You need to make sure all the 'vehshare.ytd's you have in your game are all identical.

    ie Take one 'vehshare.ytd', import all the textures from all the various 'vehshare.ytd's you have in your game into it, & then use that 'vehshare.ytd' to replace every 'vehshare.ytd' you have in the game.
    Use 'Ctrl+F3' in OpenIV to search for & find them all.

    Don't replace 'vehshare_army.ytd/vehshare_truck.ytd/vehshare_worn.ytd' with 'vehshare.ytd' obviously.

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