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Popcycle mystery

  • @yeahmantiptap I have just tried this... I left the gameconfig settings as they were, set #Peds to 5 and #Scenario to 0 on VESPUCCI_PIER. That created that many Peds on the pier. I then went into the gameconfig and changed the AmbientPeds_Base to 210 (default x 3) and the AmbientPeds to 300 (default x 3). When I went back to the pier, I could see at least 12 peds where there had just been no more than 5.

    So that definitely confirms that #Peds in popcycle.dat is directly connected to the AmbientPeds values in the gameconfig. I then reset the popcycle values back to default and changed the MaxPeds values and ScenarioPeds values by 300% and that seemed to increase the number of people on the nearby beach by quite a lot... but changing two values is a bad move, so I don't know which of those actually caused it, I suspect the ScenarioPeds values.

    So as a final test, I increased the gameconfig values by 300%... and almost seemed to have less Peds than before. :confounded:

    So I have to confess, I concede defeat on this... The only number I didn't change when doing that, was the PedMemoryMultiplier but it's such a pain, change a value, wait for the game to load, see no difference, quit the game, change a value etc... It requires far more patience than I have at the moment I am afraid... sorry. :(

  • @LeeC2202

    Yeah its just crazy, to complicated for nothing; it was so simple in GTA 4 but anyway Im going to let it go too because it drive me crazy; somehow the traffic density is working tho lol

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