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  • THAT'S CRAP! So many times gta v crashes randomly after we have installed mods with openIV, and there is NO WAY to find out which file is corrupt and have caused the game to crash!!! WTF!! OpenIV 's log doesn't show the crash, neither the ones inside the Documents\Rockstar Games folder. How does a modder fix his mod if he doesn't know which file causes that shit to crash??? do i always have to do the old 50/50 rule?? or do everything again??

  • @DatNeegaDedric try file by file if your mod have more files...if it is for example car, you know the yft file or meta settings are crashing coz textures want just make weird things not crash...if you have problem with own mod try to take a breath, calm down and write details what mod it is, when it crash game etc...if you are just using anyone else mod, test game after every mod that you install and always make backup :ok_hand_tone3:

  • @ArmaniAdnr it's basically the old way. What do you mean by yft & meta are crashing? They can crash and not load properly instead of making the whole game crash?

  • @DatNeegaDedric I mean they are files which make your game crash, not textures. But yes with some smaller mistakes in meta files you can for example run the game without problem but it crash only when that specific car is spawned by trainer or spawned in traffic near you. Or another mistakes can for example crash game only when you try enter this exact vehicle.

  • @ArmaniAdnr ok bro you got discord??

  • @DatNeegaDedric Armani #1946

  • @ArmaniAdnr it says i cant send you a friend request, send yours. DatNeegaDedric#8011

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