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[MISC] YMT file required (KITT 7.0 vehicle mod)

  • Hello all,

    Just wondering if anybody is able to produce a .ymt file with the “ruiner” vehicle removed?

    Recently I downloaded the fantastic KITT 7.0 mod by Knight Racer (the vehicle replaces the ruiner)

    However, I now need to stop other ruiners from spawning as KITT is supposed to be an entirely unique vehicle (not a mass produced car)

    Can somebody advise on how I can stop other ruiners from spawning?

    Many thanks in advance!

  • Banned

    Convert it to an addon. Find the Ruiner's meta information, copying it to new meta files, and adjust the names for the Kitt mod. Use a trainer or ikt's Addon Vehicle Spawner to use them in game.

  • Many thanks for your response mate

    Unfortunately I’m very new to modding and my skills are limited

    I am aware that when this mod was released, an edited YMT file was produced which stopped the ‘ruiner’ from spawning in the game (it was simply removed from the list of vehicles inside the YMT file)

    If anybody is able to have a go a editing the YMT file and uploading it here I would be able to insert it using OpenIV

    Any help would be massively appreciated

  • I'm 99% sure someone made a add-on kitt somewhere I'll try to find it @MikeAlex88

  • @TRDOffroad97

    That’s very kind of you mate 👍 Cheers for the response!

  • @MikeAlex88 No problem thought the same thing. Tbh I'm still searching. Thought i had the file but it must have been lost when my hard drive crashed.

  • @MikeAlex88 Your not going to believe it but I found the addon by accident on my hard drive. Guess I downloaded it after it crashed.

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