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Add on cars

  • So with the recent update, all the cars I replaced in the game (about 52 of them) did not work till hookscript was updated and I noticed my game works perfect without the car mods and my game would randomly crash when I do use the replacement car mods. If I were to use add on cars instead, would my game not crash anymore? I found about 43 add on cars I would like to add, would that be too much? Thanks for your time

  • Many vehicle mods have a high poly count compared to the vanilla cars. So when you replace vanilla cars with modded cars, sometimes the combination of all those extra polygons causes the game to crash occasionally when there are too many of them loaded into the traffic. Using add-ons should help as they won't spawn in traffic (unless you use a mod to spawn them in traffic).

  • @stillhere Makes sense now why my game randomly crashes a lot, Thanks a lot!

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