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I need a little help here... Missed 2 files from original game.

  • First of all, sorry for my poor english, I'm From Brazil ( rio de janeiro )

    I was instaling "real names" mods on GtaV, but I wrongly removed 2 files and now I need them to make the game normal again ( Files: update/update/x64/data/lang/american/ global.gxt2 and update/update/x64/data/lang/portuguese/ global.gxt2 ) Where can I download them? my game lost all "words".
    Again, sorry for my poor english... Thank you all for the help!

  • If you mean your vanilla game files then you can verify your game. I don't know how it works on the steam version but if you have the retail version can go to the settings > GTA 5 > click ,,verify integrity'' under verify game files.

  • @flying_bulletzzz
    I thought about doing this, but I was going to lose all the installed mods of the game, so I found it easier to just search for these "global.gxt2" files from the american and portuguese folder and put them in their place. so I solve the problem and do not lose the mods installed and configured

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    @colbertv8 You would only lose modded files if they aren't in a mods folder, which they should be.

    To verify on Steam, right click the name in your library, select properties..., select the local files tab, click verify integrity of game files...

  • @QBit07
    Really?? thank you for this... I´ll make the verification on Steam here.

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    Yes, Steam will ignore anything that's not part of the games files and anything in the mods folder.

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