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Can I ever play GTA 5 with mods again???

  •        Hey everybody,this going to be long read,so I Included 2 TL,DR(Too Long,Didn't Read) versions for anyone who just don't wanna hear my reproaches and some bad memories I had with this addiction and just wanna know my problem.

    ***It Includes a few amount of words that some ''GTA Players'' find obnoxious.

    After R* updated the game some months ago,I stopped playing gta 5 because everytime this game got a fukin update,it screws my game and my mods. So I didn't wanted to reinstall both the game and the mods again.But then,yesterday,I realized that I am in a desperate need of a game,that has good graphics,good modding capability,good murdering feel including ragdoll(at least with mods) and a game that feels like GTA,so I realized,that I missed the pleasure of a modded GTA 5(Not online,screw it,really)and I had to make that hard decision (A.Install it and be ready to fight with dozens of fukin error codes,black screens,the frustrating loading circle that keeps turning like a slender prostitute in the strip-tease pole a.k.a the infinite loading screen,waste unnecessary amounts of time while modding,open the game only to go see Tracy and see If your retexture mod properly shows her boobs all in their glory,at a devastating 8K or not,and spend the time modding it again and again,and all that drama happens in a virtual hell,named''GTA V Main Directory'')
    or (B.Dodge all that drama but crave in pain and suffer from the absence one of your favourite games)
    I chose A. and decided to Install GTA 5,once again.

    So,having bought the 7 DVD version at the first day it releases to PC,I didn't need to download a whopping 88 GB data from the internet.(At least that's what I thought).After installing the game via DVDs,I tried to give it a run but,It didn't run in the first try,as always(typical R* game behavior for me).And It says bla bla code16 something in the old social club launcher,but that's not the big one.Open IV doesnt see the GTA5.exe and It's comingWhen I enter the new launcher,It says Install ,instead of Play!?So,that means that fukin newbie orange-as* launcher doesn't give a sht about my installation from the DVDs and wants me to DOWNLOAD 80 FKING 8 GIGABYTES FROM LAUNCHER???If so,Im tired of this Bullsh*t and the mothertucking updates screwing the modded RPFs and I just wanna play the game with the mods!!! If possible to play with mods,I wont hesitate to install a fukin crack file and accept maybe even losing the license of my game(I banned from online permanently due to accidentally not disabling a fov mod for a better driving immersion and wasnt playing it that much anyway) and nonexistence of the future saintsrowish updates in my game!!!I mean,I bought the game because they make great masterpieces and I respect them for that but they definitely got an evil side for modding community!

    TL,DR:I installed GTA 5 via 7 DVDs and I want to play offline w/mods(y' know that beautiful graphics mods some immersion mods ,car and sportsbike mods etc. etc.)But despite I installed the game files(they re vanilla rn) the game won't open (code16),therefore I can't download the post game updates(all updates after day one)and I cant download RGSC Launcher(old style)because that unneeded new R* Launcher.Open IV doesnt see the GTA5.exeAnd that new useless piece of launcher pretends like I didn't installed the game at all and offers me to Download 88GB of game file,I didnt tried to click install yet though,maybe It could auto detect all the game files and only installs the update.The mods I'm gonna install will be only Redux(Since I dont wanna waste even more time by installing the mods of the features independently and lose all the modding effort in the next update for Advanced Saints Row Online...Oh my bad,GTA Online)and some script mods for now.

    That was also TL,DR:I installed the game via 7 DVDs but the new launcher still wants me to download 88 GB file(could auto detect the game files and only download the updates,Im not sure though).I want to play offline with mods,so Is it possible?

    Thanks for anybody who willing to help a GTA maniac
    If you read from the beginning to the end to understand my psychological problem and help me,thank you very much for your time,and thank you for tolerating my swearing words of accumulated anger to the similar situations,you probably have a rare,good personality,enjoy your life(good ending :)


    If you have Rockstar Games credentials, try installing the game from the internet instead, using R*'s new game launcher.


    When I recently updated to 1868.0 the newly added Rockstar launcher could not find my previously installed game located in a folder named GTA5

    I simply renamed the folder to Grand Theft Auto V and then the game update did go through just fine

  • Im writing this message because I realized the problem(my mistake) and I want to help and save some time for some other gta maniacs who are suffering from the same problem as me :D(GTA Insufficiency)
    Okay,turns out I overreacted a little.I just clicked the install button on the game launcher and It only installed the update files and then I could play the game unmodded.And then after installing some scripts along with scripthook,another problem appeared.And Its my fault.I didn't backup up my exe files(4 GTAexes),and the Idea of it didn't even came near my mind until this day,thanks to some helpful people in some discord server.So maybe that was the reason I had to reinstall the game and the mods all over again after every update.

    So,If anybody don't want their game screwed up by the updates and don't want to wait for the new scripthook update.Just backup the 4 GTA exes BEFORE updating

    and after updating paste them back to gta 5 dir and use bypass.***(Solution is from a guy from a Discord group so credits goes to him)

    However,I realized it lately,so If anybody have the 7 DVD version(Boxed)(Its called retail I think)of 1868.0 exes and upload them somewhere,Id be so happy.Thanks for now

  • @ikt said in Can I ever play GTA 5 with mods again???:

    If you have Rockstar Games credentials, try installing the game from the internet instead, using R*'s new game launcher.

    thanks,I realized the problem cause.

  • @ReNNie I solved the problem,thanks anyways.

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    This post is deleted!

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