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Script Hook V critical error (unmatched game version). Please, help.

  • Hello from Spain,

    I play the game directly on Rockstar Games Launcher (it is the only legit copy of the game I have), not on Steam.

    Last night, the electricity supply failed when I was playing the game. I went to bed after that.

    This morning when I've run the game Rockstar Launcher has started to download something (strange since I had automatic updates for the game Off). And after that I have got the next critical error from Script Hook V:

    alt text

    Then I have checked the integrity of the game files with Rockstar Launcher and run the game again after that. I've got a warning about the launcher finding some not official content in the game directory (normal, I am using mods for single player game). Then I have got the same critical error from Script Hook V before.

    According to both Rockstar Launcher and gta5.exe properties, now I have version 1.0.1868.1 of the game.

    alt text

    Is that the problem? Latest Script Hook V, from last December, is for v1.0.1868.0., not v1.0.1868.1.

    what can I do to solve this situation? Thank you.

  • I just noticed that it is not my problem only. Rockstar has forced a new update of the game version, it seems.

    Somehow I had come to the conclusion that the failure in the electricity supply had something to do with my case. It was my error, sorry.

  • The game has been updated. Please wait for the updated version of ScriptHookV. If you had made backups, you can also restore them to continue playing with a modded game.

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