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Getting the 1868.0 .exes for DVD version

  • Can anyone help me about how do I the get the version 1868.0 exes(DVD Version)I found steam versions but unfortunately no luck with DVD yet...
    So,I had another huge problem but I realized the cause and It was me,not backing up the 4 executables.After update old exes are replaced with the new ones and scripthook is not updated yet(and I dont know how long will I wait),so I cant enter the game with mods enabled.

    Thanks for the people who will try to help for now :D


    Please wait for the updated version of ScriptHookV or try to get the files from somewhere else. Sharing copyrighted content is forbidden on this site.

    This site might be of help for some users to download the previous Social Club and game patches and install them again while they wait for the ScriptHookV update: http://patches.rockstargames.com/prod/gtav/versioning.xml

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