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[Tutorial] Proper naming your vehicles/tuning parts

  • This is a little tip how you can generate hash to set a name for your vehicles/tuning parts. Sorry my bad english.


    • OpenIV

    • Notepad++ (optional)

    First of all, you need to edit some lines on vehicles.meta, usually, you can find it on:

    \mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\Your_dlc\dlc.rpf\data*— But this is not a rule, some mod authors changes their path, in that case, just find vehicles.meta file inside of your dlc.


    <gameName>lveneno2</gameName> <-- Vehicle name, we will use it as identificator. Put here a unique name without spaces or symbols, this can be anything, but exclusive for this vehicle. Avoid long names.

    <vehicleMakeName>Lamborghini</vehicleMakeName> <-- This is the vehicle brand, same rule here, but I recommend you to use the real brand’s name. Using real name is very useful if you have multiple cars in the same dlc, because all cars from same brand will use the same hash.

    After edit these lines, keep a copy of them, you will need later, also don’t forget to save your editions.

    Carcols.meta (only needed if your vehicle has tuning parts):

    <modShopLabel>veneno_wing_1</modShopLabel> <-- Same rules here, but usually you don’t need to edit this, just copy all lines started with <modShopLabel>


    Now you have all needed names:


    Usually you will find global file on:

    \mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\Your_dlc\dlc.rpf\x64\data\lang\Your_lang.rpf\global.gxt2 — But this is not a rule, some mod authors changes their path, in that case, just find lang rpf files inside of your dlc.

    Using OpenIV, right click on global.gxt2 to export to global.oxt

    Then click tools > hash generator

    Paste the names that you've kept, select Hex and click generate;

    alt text

    Edit global.oxt with you preferred text editor, paste the generated hex lines and put the names that will show up ingame, keep the layout, always put inside of { }:

    Version 2 30
    0x190C5C17 = Veneno LP 750-4
    0xAC6B8829 = Lamborghini
    0x911DEE0F = GT Spoiler

    Save file and drag into your language rpf to replace.

    That's all.

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