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Graphics problems / Problèmes graphismes

  • Hi,

    I have a problem/question about the game itself concerning the graphics. I've added about 30 add-on vehicles and when I use a trainer to spawn them with a persistance mod, the graphics around "disappear". I seen a old topic which talk about it and a person wrote to change the gameconfig but has I already said it's an old topic ^^. In my case I have this gameconfig https://fr.gta5-mods.com/misc/gta-5-gameconfig-300-cars.

    So my question is, is it a game problem ? In the old topic the helper said it's due to the game itself.

    Is there a solution to this problem?

    I've around 30 vehicles add-on, map editor, map builder, ScriptHook , two add-on parking and so on.

    And no I don't think it can come from my pc because I have a good configuration ^^

    Thank you in advance to those who will read my publication !


    J'ai un problème / une question sur le jeu lui-même concernant les graphismes. J'ai ajouté environ 30 véhicules supplémentaires et lorsque j'utilise un trainer pour les faire apparaître avec un mod de persistance, les graphiques autour "disparaissent". J'ai vu un vieux sujet qui en parle et une personne a écrit qu'il fallait changer le gameconfig mais du coup comme je l'ai déjà dit c'est un vieux topic ^^. Dans mon cas j'ai ce gameconfig https://fr.gta5-mods.com/misc/gta-5-gameconfig-300-cars.

    Donc ma question est, est-ce un problème de jeu? Dans le vieu topic, la personne qui aidai disait que c'est dû au jeu lui-même.

    Y at-il une solution à ce problème?

    J'ai environ 30 véhicules supplémentaires, un éditeur de cartes, un constructeur de cartes, ScriptHook, deux parkings supplémentaires et d'autres trucs

    Et non je ne pense pas que ça puisse venir de mon pc car j'ai une bonne configuration ^^

    Merci d'avance à ceux qui liront ma publication!

  • @Tsubakiro 'with a persistance mod' so you spawn all addons and all of them keep on the map near you right? Is the problem of dissappearing textures during normal playing there or just when you spawn a lot of addons near you?

  • @ArmaniAdnr Yeah i spawn all addons and all of them keep on the map near to me ^^ The problem of dissappearing textures is just when I spawn a lot of addons near me like a car meet on a parking ^^


  • @Tsubakiro
    Probably a texture streaming issue due to the fact a lot of the cars you are spawning have big (4K+) textures.
    Try spawning a heap of cars that don't have any big 2k+ textures in them to confirm :thumbsup:.

    If you confirm this is the issue, you can refer to my post here, & reduce the size of any 4K+ (4096x4096) textures in the vehicle's '.ytd' to 2k (2048x2048) or lower (1024x1024 etc).

    Alternatively (or also), you can remove (delete) any 4K liveries you don't need or want.

    Note: The liveries need to be ordered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6...etc with no gaps in numbers to all appear in-game, so you may need to rename some if you delete one from the middle etc :thumbsup:

    In the vehicle's '.ytd'

    'livery-name-here' = Whatever the author of the vehicle has chosen to call the livery textures. It can be anything.


    In the example above, only liveries 1>3 will show up in-game as 'livery-name-here_sign_4' is missing.
    Rename 'livery-name-here_sign_6' to 'livery-name-here_sign_4' so you have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 with no missing numbers to fix it & have all liveries appear in-game :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th
    So, I've try spawning a lot of GTA origin vehicle and I don't have the problem ^^ Here is a screenshot : text alternatif

    Does this mean that GTA cannot support very high image quality? Is it impossible to modify the game with 4k graphics from everywhere for example?

    Oh and I have another question but I don't know if I should open another topic for that. After a certain number of vehicle (I did not count) I can no longer spawn another it is normal?

  • @Tsubakiro
    There may be ways to help GTA V out with it's texture streaming limits somewhat, but for the most part, if you were to start replacing all the textures in the game with 4K ones etc, pretty soon (very soon) you would see textures throughout the game begin to disappear as it became unstable.
    I would say, short or re-writing part of the games engine from scratch, there is no way you could make the game all 4K. It just can't handle it from what I've seen.

    Not sure about the spawn limit or whether one exists or not.

  • @Tsubakiro yep so this is definitely the game problem that you can't fix, at least yet is no solution here. Problem is that that cars you spawned are high poly and have probably big files like 20MB+. A lot of loaded high textures and polys make this problem that map around you start dissapearing. You can aswell test it by taking GTA graphic for example on 'normal' and there is a high change that you will be able to load them all, but of course all around you will be in lower resolution.

    My experiences: when you make just world 4K without vehicles and weapons replacing it is possible without any problem easly. Once you start replacing vehicles this problem start happening a lot. I think the problem is that game is not allowed to use over 8GB of your RAM. Coz I have 32GB RAM but with open GTAV it never use over 8GB of it even when my textures start dissapearing as you experienced. I think if anyone find a way how to allow game use more RAM (as was mentioned here - by rewriting game engine), you would be able to avoid this problem on high-end pc. For example my photo on IG with 6 LandRovers where all of them are very detailed models, made wall of nearest building start dissapearing.

    About your next problem I have no experiences with anything like that but as a63nt-5m1th wrote, there should not be any spawning limit.

  • @ArmaniAdnr @a63nt-5m1th

    Thank you very much for your informations and your help ! :) Actually I have a lot of add-on vehicles in 4k and the minimap in 4k ^^ The size of the vehicle files is indeed important ^^

    I'm just a simple player who likes to install the mods that people develop so unfortunately I don't know the subject well :)
    I hope that in time all these resolution problems can be resolved ^^

    Effectively I read this story of dedicated memory and it's sad because I have 64Gb of ram ^^

    I'm going to abandon my idea of filling in added parking lots with modified vehicles and keep trying the different mods on the site for fun lol Anyway I have this problem of limit and save which does not keep the vehicles therefore not serious ^^

    Thank you very much to you ! :)

  • @Tsubakiro I felt the same way when I bought one of most powerfull notebooks for my project and then found out this is a game limit :grin: I hope aswell that soon we would be able get thru it (:

  • Guys i have the same problems, so what the solutions ¿ i read all the replies but I didn’t understand nothing
    So help me guys and explain to me step to do ...

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