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If I stay at the 1737 version,do my game lose compatibility for mods?

  • I think I downgraded the game to 1737 successfully by replacing the 4 .exe files and update rpf with the 1737.0 ones and by using bypass,I managed to play the game with mods.

    But the cons are:
    1-I don't know If I lose compatibility of some mods or not
    2-I can't get the spawn vehicles that released after 1737 version,due to the old 1737 rpf file but,

    I think If I want to enjoy the new vehicles and every other content from all present and upcoming updates,I could backup my all files before letting an update to change them and get the new dlc, copy the new lines from dlclist xml,extratitleupdatedata.meta and the files from dlcpacks(like installing a vehicle addon mod), to the old ones and put my old backups to the mods dir.Therefore,while I could avoid the risk of bypass not working with possible new RGL update,I could also enjoy the new content,without technically updating the game,but manually adding the dlc content to the game.

    Is it possible?
    Also,Does anybody know which files change automatically after every update?I will backup the changing files if an update comes next time,that's why Im asking.

  • Banned

    I think extratitleupdatedata.meta isn't necessary anymore.

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