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Add monney to player[rage][c#]

  • So i want to add money to the player using the RPH API once the player completes a mission
    Ive so far got this code:

                            NativePointer nativePointer = new NativePointer();
                             NativeFunction.Natives.STAT_GET_INT(0x324C31D, nativePointer, -1);            
                            nativePointer.SetValue(nativePointer.GetValue<int>() + 2000);
                            NativeFunction.Natives.STAT_SET_INT<int>(0x324C31D, nativePointer.GetValue<int>(), -1);

    The only problem with this code is that it only adds money to michael. Anyone know how to find the character the player is using and then change the hash(currently:0x324C31D) based on what character the player is using so the monney gets applied to the correct character?

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