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GTA V Redux Crash in game

  • After installation of Redux and Patchday1 any time i open the game, i go to main menu, i load offline mode it's all ok.
    The game appears, i can move.. just for few seconds. Then everything turns to something like that :
    alt text
    alt text
    Before this mod looks amazing, so i really want to fix it somehow. I've followed instalation steps with video 3 times and every time i get.. that kind of "graphics improvement"
    And sorry for bad english, i'm from poland :/

  • try to use a alternate gameconfig

  • @thepain Alternate gameconfig? I've used gameconfig file for Add-on cars fix and then game crashes while loading. I replace it with the backup file ( also in Add-on pack ) and game started to look like on screenshoots again.
    I've searched for another gameconfig files but i couldn't find anything.

  • @thepain I've tried this one and nothing at all. I'll try to install patch before bikers update, maybe that's the problem. :/

  • maybe just your gta 5 is fucked up, did you install redux with mods before inside of gta 5 ? if yes you need to reinstall it because that might be will make problems if you got modifed datas

  • @thepain I've got modded GTA V before and Redux didn't even launch on it. I did a reinstall on external HDD ( i haven't got enough space ) and i copied and pasted Update, Common und X archives to "mods" folder. Then I installed Redux and patch selecting "Game Folder" in instalation, and then I copied "gameconfig" from game folders to mods, as i found in solution for loading screen crash.
    I'll do a reinstall again, maybe that will help. Or I wait for new Redux updates, it's still in Beta i think. :/

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