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Removing props with codewalker

  • I'm trying to remove a trailer from the map using codewalker. When I select the trailer I find It is stored in MPLowrider cs4_02.ymap and Patchday1NG lr_cs4_02.ymap. I removed the items using OpenIV but when I start the game the trailer is still there. In codewalker it says the trailers are deleted but not in game. Whats really confusing is I was able to remove powerlines and telephone poles from the X65T folder and that worked in game.

    Also tried removing long distance LOD but that removes part of the land so i guess the two were modeled together so ill just have to stick with up close. But all I removed was the powerlines.

    Stuck inside, decided to start stripping the desert of useless ugly items from the games map. Any help using codewalker is greatly appreciated as most the videos i've watched don't help.

  • @InfiniteQuestion Sometimes it's best to not delete a prop, but to use CW to move the prop to just barely under the map so the LOD stuff doesn't show up. Sometimes it takes one little mistake somewhere to break the LOD chain and have one of the lod levels show up all the time. Make sure to not move the prop too far under the map or the same thing will happen.

  • @chonkie Thank you for the reply. After hours of messing around in ymaps I came to the realization that all the LODs are connected and removing a high detail one does in fact leave the low detail one left on the map. Another fact I learned is alot of the low detail props on the map are modeled with the land so to completely remove props will also remove the land. Props like trees and bushes can be removed, but anything bigger than that are physically part of the map as a whole.

  • @InfiniteQuestion You can remove static collisions and the drawable parts using 3ds max. There are times when editing a building or landscape where it will be ok for the lod part to show up because you won't be close enough to see it. You'll also have to edit different parts like emissive files for windows and stuff.
    Sometimes I leave one poly of the high definition part in tact but scale it down so you don't see it to keep the LODs from popping up. Just depends on what you are trying to do and what you are trying to remove.

  • @chonkie I didn't think about trying to scale the object down. That should be easier than removing it, I'll try that out. Thank you

    Nope scaling down the trailer size still leaves the trailer left in game. Only after deleting every LOD trailer does it disappear but then i'm left with the lowest quality version attached to the land. I'm guessing without editing the actual texture file in 3ds max there is no way of removing most of the complicated props.

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